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Extract Labs Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Tincture 2000mg 30ml


With its high dose potency, this CBD Tincture by Extract Labs is a great option for those who have a lot of experience using CBD from hemp or those with chronic issues. Each millimeter has about 67 mg of full-spectrum cannabidiol and the entire bottle houses 3,000 mg, a strong potency indeed.


The Extract Labs Full Spectrum Tincture has a highly potent content of CBD. In total, this tiny 30 ml bottle has 2,000 mg of cannabidiol sourced from the hemp plant. When you break that down by dose, you get 67 mg CBD per ml. This is about twice as much as the average dose you’ll see in a CBD oil tincture.

In addition, this is an unflavored oil, so if you like the grassy taste of hemp, this is perfect for you. But it also has organic coconut oil, so you might get a hint of that yummy, nutty flavor.

And finally, as a full spectrum product, you’re getting the benefits of hemp’s other cannabinoids and its terpenes, which have amazing therapeutic properties.

Product Size
30 ml with 2000 mg CBD in total

Suggested Use
Start with half a dropper or less if you’re a new CBD user. Take half a dropper or more if you’re experienced and require higher doses for your particular needs.

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