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Infinite CBD Isolate Drops 1000mg


For convenient dosing, the brand Infinite CBD formulated this tincture with 2 mg of CBD in each drop. This makes it perfect to micro-dose during the day, or for those looking for a higher dose, you can take a full dropper which roughly equals 33 mg. Also, know that as a CBD isolate product it’s free of THC.


Infinite CBD Isolate Drops have a total of 1,000 mg pure isolated cannabidiol per bottle. There are 500 drops in total, so that means each drop contains 2 mg of CBD. This is a great product for someone who doesn’t want any THC for personal reasons or due to required drug tests for your job.

Also, since it only contains pure CBD and no other compounds found in hemp, there’s no grassy, hemp flavor to worry about. And with MCT oil derived from coconuts as the carrier oil, overall the taste is subtle and pleasant. Therefore, it’s great for mixing into foods, drinks, lotions, or simply putting the drops under your tongue.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to use this product and to ensure you’re getting a nice dose of CBD into your day.

Product Size
30 ml and 1000 mg of CBD total

Suggested Use
Start with 0.5 to 1 full serving (1 ml) of the CBD oil. Take a few hours to see how the effects work for you and if you want stronger effects take a little more. Increase dosage gradually and slowly.

MCT Oil Made From Coconuts And CBD Isolate


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